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The 5 Biggest Risks in 2020

What are the 5 biggest risks in 2020? Can you see them? If you truly desire that 20/20 Vision for your future, go to the financial optometrist as soon as you can. Find out more on this week's episode of Life Planning 101.

Were You Sold Something or Do You Need It?

It's 2020...Take control of your future so you can live Life on purpose! Don’t be sold something you don’t need. Invest in something you do need. Find out more on this week's episode of Life Planning 101.

The SECURE Act - Is it Really a Good Thing?

The SECURE Act passed with flying colors at the end of 2019 and dictated several MAJOR changes to the rules around retirement plans.

20/20 Vision

2020 is upon us. I challenge you to make it a year in which you focus on your vision being 20/20. This week we share some important questions you need to ask as you get ready to start the new year.

A Giving Heart and a Skeptical Mind

It seems the more we are blessed with, the more we want to give. So is there a way to know if the money you give will be used the way you intended? Find out more on this week's episode of Life Planning 101.

The Gift of Giving

We were honored to have speaker and bestselling author Arlene Cogen, CFP® join us this week on our show. Arlene shares with us some important information on charitable giving. Be sure to listen to the end of the show to learn about how you can get a FREE values exercise from Arlene.

Estate Planning Lessons Learned from Celebrities

We were honored to have Eido Walny from Walny Legal Group as our special guest on our show. This week we discuss helpful tips learned from celebrity estate plans gone wrong.

Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days

There are people and things that you hold very dear to your heart. Take some time this week to write them down and share them with your family.

How Tax Efficient is Your Portfolio?

Mutual funds aren’t the only investment vehicle that can help you accomplish your goals. Let us help you learn how to make your portfolio tax-smart.
Our in-house CFA Aaron Kennedy joins us this week on our LifePlanning101 podcast to give us a market commentary.

You Have Arrived

Allow 2020 to be your year of clarity, sharpness, awareness, and coordination so that you may begin seeing more clearly and ‘living LIFE on purpose’.